Filmmaker Anant Mehra on the Intersection of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Anant Mehra
A still from the film “Waves” by Anant Mehra

In the demanding and illustrious industry of filmmaking, it's quite rare to come across a genuine business and creative talent but for Anant Mehra, it's a natural combination. As the strategic and creative mind behind Anant Mehra LLC, Mehra is an award-winning Indian filmmaker recognized for his compelling storytelling and commitment to sharing culturally nuanced stories widely and sustainably.

The inception of his own company was more than just an entrepreneurial endeavour; it was a pivotal "eureka" moment that allowed Mehra to truly extend his passion for filmmaking. This was not merely a business move but a strategic initiative to push unique perspectives in the film industry and nurture professional collaborations with fellow creatives from diverse backgrounds.

Anant Mehra Films LLC is an efficient means to offer Mehra's holistic creative services - writing, directing, producing, and editing to clients. Although still in its early stages, Mehra is confident that his company's growth will mirror his personal development as a filmmaker. As Mehra broadens his expertise and garners more experience in the entertainment industry, he aspires for his company to branch out into various forms of entertainment, including television and music. The exciting potential for growth and expansion fuels his enthusiasm for the future.

The delicate balance between business efficiency and creativity

Fulfilling a client's needs while maintaining a level of creative freedom for artists can often be challenging in the film industry. Yet, Mehra has set himself up to juggle these needs seamlessly.

"Most recently, I wrapped production on a short film for a client, and the process went quite smoothly. The client hired me to write and direct the film and gave me a good deal of creative freedom, which allowed me to produce a work that I'm very proud of," shares Mehra. "In fact, I think bringing both our ideas to the table made for a better product."

He credits the project's successful completion to the client's trust in his abilities and established working relationships. "I believe that the key to this smooth process was that the client had seen my previous work and had a high level of trust in my abilities. This trust allowed us to establish a good working relationship from the outset, which made the entire process much easier," Mehra elaborates.

According to Mehra, balancing the demands of running a company, meeting his client's requirements, and creating the films he's passionate about can be daunting, but he sees this as an exciting growth opportunity rather than a hurdle. His driving force remains his unwavering passion for the holistic process of filmmaking. "I firmly believe that the success of my company is directly tied to my success as a filmmaker in all aspects from pre- to post-production," Mehra states confidently.

Believing that the success of Anant Mehra Films LLC is inextricably linked with his personal journey as a filmmaker, Mehra envisions an exciting and challenging trajectory for Anant Mehra Films LLC. Securing several film festival wins in under two years of starting the business, he is prepared to navigate the rigorous demands of the industry and is steadfast in ensuring his company's growth and success.

"Success requires a great deal of hard work and grit," Mehra says with conviction, "and my passion for telling stories in ways that haven't been done before is hand in hand with my need to take ownership of their creation and distribution in the industry."

This article was first published on May 25, 2023