Filipino brother makes prom dress for sister as family couldn't afford one; netizens amazed [PICS]

Maverick Francisco Oyao from the Philippines is an art student with no prior experience in stitching

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Siblings might be like branches of a tree growing in different directions, still, when one is in need, they are sure to come together to help each other. When Maverick Francisco Oyao realised that his family couldn't afford any expensive prom dress for his younger sister Lu Asey, all he wanted was to fulfil her wish to attend the event. Maverick, who hails from the Philippines, is now receiving a lot of appreciation from people all over the globe for the thoughtful gesture for his sibling.

The loving brother, who wanted to design and create a fairytale attire for his sister browsed on Youtube and Google to see different types of ball dresses, especially Michael Cinco's spring and summer collection. After getting inspiration from the ideas found online, he designed a pattern for the dress and started making it from scratch despite not being a designer. As he had no prior experience in stitching, he also asked his mom's help in sewing the cloth.

Maverick used blue and white colour fabrics

Since it was a winter-themed event, Maverick used blue and white colour fabrics and bought affordable materials like crystal beads and plastic flowers from a local shop. Firstly, for the skirt, he cut nine panels and put ribbons on each one of them in a criss-cross pattern. After sewing them together, he attached the beads and flowers to make the gown look more pretty.

The Culture and Arts student at the Western Mindanao State University, even hand-painted the corset of the gown. Finally, the mermaid flared design was also given big ruffled sleeves.

"I did not expect that I will be able to do this on time. I even doubted my self if I can do this or not because the concept is different from being done. But God is really good. He didn't forsake me (sic)," reads the translated Facebook post of Mave, who created the impressive gown within a week and a half.

Maverick lives in the Zamboanga city

Maverick, who is currently living in the Zamboanga city, has also thanked some generous people, who helped in buying the materials for the gown. On February 14, the art student shared the videos and photos of the gown's making process that clearly show his hard work. Since then the post, which tells "The untold story of a loving kuya (elder brother)" has gone viral with more than 6,00,000 views and 73,000 shares on Facebook alone.

However, it is understood that Asey didn't get the Best Dress award during the prom, but the siblings are quite happy with the final outcome of Mave's sleepless nights. Nevertheless, she looked like a queen among her friends wearing the unique dress created by her loving kuya.

Brother creates prom dress for sister
Maverick Francisco Oyao from Philippians is gaining the attention of netizens for creating a prom dress for his sister. Maverick Francisco Oyao/Facebook

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