Fiction Turning Real: Writer Says Humans Could Replace Bodies Within 50 Years

Transhumanists Believe That Future Humans Will Have Advanced Capabilities, and They Will be a Mix of Organics and Technology

As the world is getting advanced every day, transhumanists believe that humans should artificially augment technology to the body, which will make us emerge as highly developed beings.

Now, Natasha Vita-More, Executive Director of Humanity+, formerly, the World Transhumanist Association has claimed that humans should upgrade their biology to enhance various capabilities.

Artificial Bodies Await Humans?

Artificial Intelligence

Vita-More made these remarks while talking exclusively to During the talk, the transhumanist claimed that humans could even replace bodies within the next 50 years.

"As far as genetic engineering goes we've seen great work done with certain diseases like Tay-Sachs and sickle-cell anemia, certain cancers, certain diseases that handicap us. Other gene therapies are in the works and there still needs to be far more work in this area and I think most of us will be undergoing gene therapy as soon as it comes online as needed. Say 50 years from now I think we'll be looking at alternative bodies and we can see that really growing in the field of prosthetics," Vita-More told

Transhumanists like Vita-More believes that humans could extend their lifespan dramatically in the future due to advancements in technology. She believes that future humans could backup their memories and data in the coming years, as an insurance policy against death and grave injuries.

"I see uploading as a necessary technology for not only backing up the brain but as a means for us to go into different environments. We're currently in this physical/material world, this biosphere, there are other worlds yet to be explored just as we're looking at space exploration," added Vita-More.

Future Humans: A Mix of Organics and Technology

A few months back, Professor David J Gunkel, an expert in robot ethics at Northern Illinois University in Chicago had suggested that future humans could be a mix of organics and technology. According to Gunkel, augmenting devices inside the body of people will become a common practice in the future, and it will help to enhance our physical and mental capabilities.

"At one time putting a pacemaker in your body would be considered weird by a lot of people and now it's just standard practice. As more of this technology becomes acceptable and accessible that line will move in the direction of permitting greater augmentation within our bodies and less of us will be concerned about it," said Gunkel.