After Learning Fiancee Would Fail In Exams; Man Sets Fire To School 

A man set a school on fire after realizing that his fiancee will fail in exams. The man, who is in police custody, burnt down the the school's control room.

The incident happened in Menoufia province, north of Cairo in Egypt. Although the prosecutor general has confirmed that no one was injured in the fire.

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Firefighters Quickly Contained The Blaze

Although the blaze was quickly contained by firefighters, it caused significant damage to the school principal's office and the main administration unit. Some pupils' records were destroyed, the prosecution statement said, according to The National News.

Young Man Feared His Marriage Could Be Postponed

The 21-year-old suspect told the officials that he was feared that his marriage could be postponed if his fiancee fails in the exam.

Man Fled The Scene After Setting Control Room On Fire

The young man, who will remain in detention until the case is referred to the relevant court, had fled the scene after setting the control room on fire.

Students' Records Were Completely Destroyed In The Fire

In the incidents, students' records were completely destroyed, and the administration block and principal's office were also damaged. When eyewitnesses told the police about the young man; the officials looked for him and arrested him from his home.

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This article was first published on August 27, 2022