Fergie's 'You already know' might be her last chance for comeback

The video features Nikki Minaj, and only follows a monochromatic tone. Two different and strong sides are seen of these women.

Fergie's new song video " You already know" has been released which features Niki Minaj, the two goddesses of the music industry working a monochromatic set.

Double Dutchess is Fergie's upcoming second studio and visual album, which seems like her last chance for a major comeback since her previously released songs have not done too well.

The video has been well received by iTunes and her fan's seemed to have loved it.

The song had been released two weeks prior to the video, now is a chance to give it space and see if it does pick up momentum.

The video was directed by Brazillian artist Bruno Ilogty who brought out a strong side from the two ladies, a masculine side of them in suits and a sexy persona in their provocative outfits.

While the rapping style of the two artists meshes perfectly, the pair works harmoniously for the screen as well, both rocking bleached-blonde hair and a "don't care " attitude.

'You Already Know" appears on Double Dutchess, which arrives on September 22and serves as a sequel to Fergie's 2006 debut album, Dutchess.