Fellowship of Friends: Pedophilic Doomsday Cult Infiltrated Google Headquarters, Claims Whistleblower Kevin Lloyd

A Google headquarter has been infiltrated by a religious cult which is led by a pedophilic leader, claimed a former employee. Kevin Lloyd, who used to work for the Google Developer Studio as a video producer, sued Google accusing that his bosses were stacking the decision from members of Fellowship of Friends, a California-based 'destructive' cult.

The whistleblower was employed since August 2017 by Advanced Systems Group but all of sudden he observed that the company's 1,200-acre headquarters called Apollo in Mountain View, California was filled with members of the cult.

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Cult's Members Accused Its Leader of Sexual Abuse

Past members of the group, which was registered as a religious organization with the IRS in 1971 and is based at a sprawling compound in Northern California, have accused its longtime leader Robert Earl Burton of sexual abuse and misconduct, according to Revelations, a six-part podcast series on Spotify released last year. Two lawsuits related to these accusations and filed by ex-members, in 1984 and 1996, were settled out of court, according to New York Post.

Lloyd claimed that his supervisor Peter Lubbers and 12 of the 25 employees in his division were affiliated with the cult.

Supervisors Were Promoting To Cult-Affiliated People

In the court filing, Lloyd also sued Advanced Systems Group, which hired him in 2017. Lloyd lost his job in February 2021 after he started objecting to his staffers' association with the cult.

Lloyd in his court filing that his bosses were giving preferences to the members of the cult and promoting them. The whistleblower also alleged that his supervisor Lubbers provided opportunities to his wife and two sons, who are members of the cult. One of his sons was given DJ work at Google corporate events and another was hired as a freelance video producer. Lubbers had also put his wife on payroll, according to the court filing.

Lubbers also promoted members of the cult by providing them opportunities. The lawsuit also claimed that Google purchased wine from a cult-affiliated vineyard and members of the Fellowship were required to give nearly 10 % of their monthly earnings to the organization.

The Fellowship of Friends was founded by Robert Earl Burton on January 1, 1970 in the San Francisco Bay Area. From its inception the vision of the Fellowship was, and remains, to establish a practical spiritual organization and to make it available to anyone interested in pursuing the spiritual work of awakening, according to the cult's website.