Felix Cyril Babu Stephen: An Extraordinary Odyssey of Healing, Filmmaking, and Giving Back

Felix Cyril Babu Stephen

Cyril Babu's life unfolds like a tapestry woven with diverse threads, encompassing various roles and identities. An individual of Indian origin now residing in the United States, he is not only a single father but also a writer, director, and practitioner of Ayurveda. Once known as Felix Stephen during his career as a therapist, the adoption of the name Cyril Babu marks a profound transformation in his identity.

At the core of Babu's pursuits is his leadership of The In Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to championing the cause of girls and women's education. Beyond mere rhetoric, the foundation actively engages in constructing schools and executing targeted programs. Central to their mission is the STEP IN™ program, a forward-thinking initiative that emphasizes the transformative impact of educating girls. This K–12 program strives to create an environment that nurtures the holistic development of young women, intertwining education, environmental consciousness, and civic engagement.

Babu's motivation for this philanthropic venture is deeply personal, rooted in his experience as a single full-time father to two daughters. Witnessing the challenges faced by girls and women firsthand, he felt compelled to make a tangible difference. The In Foundation stands as a testament to his commitment to breaking down barriers and empowering the voices of future female leaders.

Beyond his altruistic endeavors, Babu also serves as a healer at his facility in Los Angeles, offering a range of holistic practices from yoga and meditation sessions to massages. His diverse approach to well-being incorporates vedic principles, deep-tissue massages, and even psychedelic sessions. Clients, including notable figures such as Robert Downey Jr., Sting, Jerry Stahl, Trudie Styler, Ron Sweeney, and Ben Stiller, have sought solace in Babu's healing hands.

Born as Felix Cyril Babu Stephen on February 14, 1962, in Bangalore, India, Babu's journey has been nothing short of transformative. For over two decades, he has gained acclaim as a vedic practitioner and instructor in the United States, renowned for his ability to alleviate physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering. His influence extends globally, attracting clients from diverse corners of the world.

Apart from his spiritual pursuits, Babu has left an indelible mark in academia, serving as a distinguished lecturer at Loyola Marymount University. Within the university's halls, he not only shared knowledge but sparked engaging dialogues with students on a range of topics, showcasing his commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and enlightenment.

In 2009, Babu's journey took a cinematic turn with the founding of Observation Productions, a Los Angeles-based film production company. Assuming the roles of writer, director, and executive producer, he embarked on a creative endeavor that led to his directorial debut, "Breaking Tradition." This love story, featuring an all-American lad and a Muslim girl, promises to be a cinematic exploration of love transcending boundaries.

Additionally, Babu is an accomplished author, adding literary flair to his repertoire with the book "IN," which delves into the interplay between tantric concepts of passion and Western ideals of love.

Before delving into Ayurveda and spirituality, Babu held pivotal roles at KCET and Sony Pictures Entertainment. This transition from the corporate world to holistic healing and creative expression underscores his transformative journey, reflecting a profound metamorphosis in both professional and spiritual dimensions.

In a world often marked by specialization, Cyril Babu stands as a living testament to the limitless possibilities of a life dedicated to healing, philanthropy, and creative expression. From the vibrant streets of Bangalore to the bustling city of Los Angeles, his journey resonates as an inspiring narrative of breaking conventions, embracing diversity, and creating a positive impact. As the world eagerly anticipates the release of "Breaking Tradition," Cyril Babu's extraordinary journey continues to unfold, captivating the hearts and minds of those touched by his endeavors.