FBI's Search for Nuclear Weapons Documents at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate Triggers Wild Theories on Social Media

The question about FBI hunting for documents on nuclear weapons at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate has created a furor in political as well as non-political circles.

Also, the reports have resulted in speculations on various social media platforms. A large faction of the social media followers have opined that every other reason for the raid was "superficial" as in reality, FBI was looking for the classified documents on nuclear weapons. Another group stated that Trump was very friendly with Saudis and that he being in possession of some important documents on nuclear weapons could be about done long-term planning.

Donald Trump

Did Donald Trump Take Possession of Documents on Nuclear Weapons to Plan Something Big with Putin?

Trump detractors have been linking him with Vladimir Putin for a long time and now they feel that possession of documents on nuclear weapons could be a part of some plan that the two had planned long ago.

A report published by The Guardian stated that the attorney general, Merrick Garland, said he had personally authorized the government request for a search warrant and revealed that the justice department had asked Florida court for the warrant to be unsealed, noting that Trump himself had made the search public.

The report further stated that Garland took such a politically charged step after getting a tip off on the presence of nuclear weapons documents at Mar-a-Lago and ordered FBI agents into Trump's house to retrieve the same in the interest of national security.

A Twitter user wrote, "This is dangerous stuff that Donald Trump had about Nuclear weapons. I truly don't trust Donald Trump with information about United States weapons. Everyone should be worried about what was his purpose?"

"So why would Donald Trump want documents on nuclear weapons? Would it have anything to do with his buddy Vladimir Putin? Hey, I'm Just Asking Questions. Or JAQing, as it's also known," shared another Twitter user.

"Donald Trump possibly taking classified information about America's nuclear weapons is disturbing. But it should as disturbing that all U.S. presidents have the power to unilaterally start a nuclear war at any given point in time. No one person should have this much power," read a tweet.