FBI Looking for Explosives Belonging to Ex Congressional Candidate Arrested for January 6 Capitol Riots

A photo posted by Jeremy Brown on Zillow proved to be a turning point in an ongoing FBI investigation.

The FBI is on a hunt for explosives that they have reason to believe belong to an ex-congressional candidate, Jeremy Brown, who was allegedly involved in the January 6 riots. Brown, a former Green Beret was arrested on October 6 and charged for his alleged involvement in the capitol riots, according to an FBI search warrant.

According to the warrant, the FBI raided Brown's Florida home in October and found a sawed-off shotgun, over 8,000 rounds of ammunition, two grenades, and a rifle. "Brown is not registered to possess explosive devices," the warrant stated.

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A photo gave it away

A photo posted by Jeremy Brown on Zillow gave it away. According to a witness account, Brown was living in an RV on his property and had bought a trailer recently. The RV and the trailer, both were registered under his girlfriend's name. Prior to his arrest, Brown put his house on the market and included photos of an office area with a whiteboard that had 'potentially incriminating writing', according to the arrest warrant.

The whiteboard could be seen separated into columns like, "Clothing," "Food," "Communicate," "Move," "Shoot," "Currency" and "Shelter," with lists of items in each category. The items listed under the "Shoot" category caught the FBI's attention as Brown had jotted "flash bangs" hinting that he had them "on hand". The warrant further stated that the FBI is now looking for Brown's trailer where they're hoping to find flashbangs and other weapons listed in the photo.

"It is unlikely that an individual would market a home available for public inspection with guns and explosives inside of the home, [thus] it is probable ammunition, and explosives, which constitute potential evidence in the investigation, have been moved to the RV or trailer," the warrant stated.

Whiteboard pictured in Jeremy Brown's home
Whiteboard pictured in Jeremy Brown's home Screen grab - FBI

Jeremy Brown ran for Congress in Florida

According to prosecutors, Jeremy Brown "coordinated travel plans and rendezvous points" using encrypted messaging app Signal during the Capitol riots. "We have a RV an Van going," he wrote in one message, court documents stated. "Plenty of Gun Ports left to fill. We can pick you up." Brown ran for Congress in Florida last year.