FBI Agents had Sex with Prostitutes While on Mission Overseas, Denied it Lie-Detector Test

Some FBI agents are under probe for failing to report 'contact or relationship' with foreign nationals while on mission overseas.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) stated that 4 FBI agents had engaged in sexual activities with prostitutes while posted on missions overseas and denied the same during interviews and lie-detector tests. A report by DOJ on Tuesday, December 14 noted that multiple then FBI officials 'solicited, engaged in, and/or procured commercial sex.' The identities of the FBI officials in question were not released. The report also did not divulge the information about where did the incidents occur.

The report also informed that two of the FBI officials were allegedly involved in delivering a package consisting of approximately '100 white pills' to a 'foreign law enforcement officer.' The report, however, did not reveal what the pills were for and to whom they were delivered. Another FBI agent was accused of breaking policy by not reporting colleagues' misconduct. The bureau vowed to 'take all appropriate disciplinary actions' against the employee in question.

The report said that the allegations that four FBI officials 'solicited, procured, and accepted commercial sex overseas,' while a fifth 'solicited' sex, were 'substantiated' by DOJ's Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Their actions were in violation of DOJ and FBI policies.

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'The FBI agents failed to report contact/relationship with foreign nationals'

An investigation into the alleged misconduct of the said officials found that four of the agents apparently 'lacked candor' about their interactions with prostitutes during interviews and polygraph examinations compelled by OIG. This was again, in violation of the policies.

One of the officials under investigation allegedly made 'false statements' while denying having engaged in sexual activities with a prostitute, violating federal law. The investigation further ruled that the FBI agents under probe failed to report the misconduct and 'contact or relationships with foreign nationals' while on a mission, which is, again, in violation of FBI policies.

The misconduct 'shall not be tolerated'

The Inspector General's Office noted that the findings were handed to the FBI for 'appropriate action.' The bureau stated that 'agents assigned around the world are essential assets to our nation's security,' and represent the FBI with the utmost honor and respect. The bureau further noted that it will not tolerate these few individuals, who chose to 'disregard their oath and the public we serve, tarnishing the good work the rest of the FBI accomplishes each and every day.'