Father arrested after 4-week-old baby suffers severe injuries from abuse

The baby had a broken femur and ribs along with brain bleed

Father of a four-week-old baby girl was put behind bars after she suffered a broken femur, broken ribs and a brain bleed. According to the jail records, the Oneonta man was arrested on Tuesday after he was found to be the one behind the aggravated assault and endangerment of the child.

The assault was discovered after the child's mother took her to the St Vincent's hospital in Blount County with complaints of constipation. She was transferred to Children's of Alabama in Birmingham after the doctor found out that her femur was broken. The doctors in Children's of Alabama discovered that she had a brain bleed and broken ribs along with the broken femur.

Blount County, Tennessee
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The children were abused by the father

Calvin Taylor was charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse, one count of first-degree assault and one count of second-degree assault along with two counts of chemical endangerment of a child. The investigation is handled by the Blount County Sheriff's office. The baby's brother was examined after the child, to find if this was a case of assault. The 15-month-old boy had external injuries and examination proved that he had a broken jaw.

The mother told the investigators that the father was abusive and in one incident he had picked up the infant and shook her. The records show that the mother told Taylor that he shouldn't shake the baby because of shaken baby syndrome.

Calvin Taylor admitted that he uses methamphetamine and on New Year's eve he had fallen while he was holding the baby. He did not tell the baby's mother about the fall. He did not call for any medical assistance after the fall, endangering the child. The man admitted to shaking the baby while fighting with the mother but said that he didn't remember most of the events because of his drug use. Taylor is being held for a bond of $195,000.