Fashion Visionary Shreya Malhotra talks about what it takes to construct a profitable model

Shreya Malhotra

Today, when people speak about how a few industries have flourished and paved the path of massive success and growth for individuals and professionals across the world, they also mention how relentlessly a few individuals have gone ahead in crossing boundaries and constantly innovating in their niches to become their best versions and ultimately push forward growth of their sectors. This self-driven and self-made list of individuals mainly consists of women and young girls who have showcased pure brilliance in their work and have stunned people worldwide in ways more than one. Among them, one name that has been making a lot of buzzes lately is Shreya Malhotra, a London-based fashion influencer who has turned heads with her skills, knowledge, and passion for content creation.

Shreya Malhotra is all 20 years of age and has already immersed herself in the niches of fashion, lifestyle, and travel. The crazy fan and follower base she has attained so far is also proof enough of how far she has come in the social media space. She recalls how during the beginning of the lockdown, she only had 2000 followers, but with consistency in efforts and unique content creation, she went ahead to garner a massive over 100,000 followers in a short time span.

She is a globetrotter, and 2022 thus far, she has travelled to luxury destinations, including Dubai, Tulum, and Los Angeles, and Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella, Santorini, Saint Tropez, Monaco, and Amalfi coast. In fact, she even had gone on a PR trip with Virgin Voyages to celebrate the launch of their Mediterranean cruise, which went to top destinations in Europe such as Barcelona and Ibiza. The Business management and marketing student at the top Russel Group University in the UK has worked along with multiple renowned brands like Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, Shein, Oh Polly, and many more.

As a modern-day social media influencer, Shreya Malhotra has had the opportunity to attend many high-profile events like fashion shows for brands such as Oh Polly during London Fashion week 2022. Besides being this top fashion influencer, she is also a model and has a passion for styling. Her posts contain top-notch fashion and beauty content that has gone ahead in positively influencing her followers, becoming a well-known South Asian fashion and lifestyle influencer in the UK.

Shreya Malhotra (@shreya.x) has indeed risen to the top as a go-to South Asian girl for fashion and beauty and has become a travel inspiration.