From Fashion School to the Celebrity World - Aspiring Journey of Multi-Talented Influencer and content creator Nikita Karizma

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Nikita Karizma

Nikita Karizma is a multi-passionate artist continually expanding her positive thoughts, fashion, and lifestyle business with healthy materials, techniques, and ways of life.

Following her graduation from London College of Fashion, Nikita Karizma founded the firm with a GBP2000 order from Little Mix. The company began when celebrities in London would pursue clothing from the young designer for special occasions involving pop culture.

Nikita started to collaborate closely with famous celebrities, artists, and influencers. The demand for her creative designs grew to include special bespoke items, and, subsequently, the trademark fashion line emerged. Her designer label, Nikita Karizma, started to evolve organically out of London.

British-Indian by origin, the young designer inherited an incredible fashion sense from her family of fashion buyers from the last three generations. Her eye for fashion esthetics developed when she joined her parents for their business trips to India. Meeting new suppliers, visiting factories, observing the dynamics of fashion buying kindles a new kind of passion in her heart.

The passion further lit up when Nikita got a chance to aid her mother in dressing up celebrities in London. In her teenage, she was fortunate enough to grasp the skill of dressing up women to feel beautiful and self-assured.

Dressing Paris Hilton for her music video with Kim Kardashian West was one of the biggest breakthroughs for Nikita's fashion career. The other most well-known celebrities who like to wear Nikita Karizma are Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, and Christina Aguilera. Nikita also dressed up Lady Gaga for the profoundly moving launch of her book 'Channel Kindness.'

Nikita's brand has grown into what it is now due to many talks, projects, and partnerships with celebrities who are influencing for the greater good. She incorporates everything she learned from working with the world's most remarkable women into her brand and fashion & lifestyle products.

The young and passionate designer reflects her mission through her brand to make women feel beautiful, confident, and unique from the inside out. Her bespoke fashion wear pieces allow women to convey their positive message through their appearances and genuine personalities.

The brand is currently recognized for producing flattering, fun apparel that encourages young, confident women to feel their best at all times. Every season, Nikita refines her fashion aesthetics with her unique 'Influencer meets Rockstar Daughter' approach. Nikita Karizma's pieces stand out from the multitude, with simple phrases like 'Hello,' 'You're flawless,' sewn onto labels to help women feel good about themselves while they get ready.