Farooq Syed shares a few essential tips for networking in real estate.

Farooq Syed

Farooq Syed stands tall as one of the prominent figures in Dubai's luxury real estate space.

Amongst all the industries that have shown exponential levels of growth and success, real estate has been one that has totally amazed people and professionals across the world with its constant surge in growth. The pandemic did slow down the business, but when astute realtors and professionals worked incessantly towards curating smart and result-oriented strategies and methods, the industry revived and how. Dubai is one of those few places on earth that has always given unending opportunities to people and when it comes to infrastructure and real estate, it is the best in the business. Optimizing the outstanding opportunities in real estate, Farooq Syed reached amongst the top of the realtors in Dubai and today serves as the CEO of Springfield Properties, which is a prominent real estate advisory in the vast real estate market.

Below, Farooq Syed shares a few essential tips for networking in real estate.

• Create a robust team: Farooq Syed points out that having a team that consists of trustworthy and competent people is critical to the success of a real estate business. He says that in addition to the people with whom real estate entrepreneurs work, they must also rely on relationships built with individuals and firms in the community.

• Create a professional website: A website is the face of the company, highlights Farooq Syed, who believes that a professionally made website will display the true nature and character of a real estate firm and lay out what it really stands for. It gives realtors the opportunities to showcase the properties beautifully that they are dealing in and thoroughly explain the details of the same.

• Optimize social media: Social media is a world of its own and optimizing every resource and tool of the same can help realtors and businesses to present a proper image of themselves across digital mediums and also create more buzz around them. Farooq Syed, too optimized the medium to create his YouTube channel and create innovative and informative real estate vlogs that have now touched people's hearts and have hooked them on his channel.

• Engaging in the local community: Farooq Syed suggests people to actively engage in the local community to build more rapport with people. Community involvement will help realtors expand their client base and create more relations, helping them further grow their business.

Farooq Syed's YouTube channel Farooq Syed – Dubai Real Estate Vlogs has now become UAE's largest real estate channel on the medium and has gained him more than 90K subscribers and an increasing number of followers on Instagram as well.