Fariba Rahimi - How A Model And Influencer Founded Two Businesses At A Young Age

Fariba Rahimi

Most of the CEOs we know are either in their forties or above. Because that is usually how long it takes for people to make it to the executive positions in a company.

But the CEO of Trøndervask, a highly successful Norwegian real estate, facilities and construction company, was only in her twenties when she became the CEO. Fariba Rahimi founded these businesses from the ground exactly ten years ago from today. And that is not the only thing she excelled at.

Fariba Rahimi is also a popular international model and an influencer with 349,000 Instagram followers. So how did she make this all happen at such a young age? Well, keep reading to find out!

Fariba Rahimi here shares her tips for the young and inspiring individuals who want to be successful in their careers.

Have The Right Attitude

Truly successful people only become successful when they have a "can-do" attitude from the beginning. They never take no for an answer and no matter what life throws in their way, they always make out strong.

Moreover, these people always admit their mistakes. They are aware of their mess-ups and accept their mistakes right away. They never blame others for their mistakes but only themselves.

Having the right attitude is the most important thing that Fariba suggests. According to her, people who have an external locus of control and who give up easily can never grow up mentally, no matter their age.

Do Not Waste Your Early Years

Many young people take their teenage years for granted. They are always partying, going out or wasting their time in games. While social life is important to a certain level, you should not waste these years partying 24/7.

Because according to Fariba, these are the years when you have the most potential to do something big. These are the years when you dream about your careers and if you do not start working on your dreams right from that moment, you will end up giving up on them. That is because a successful career requires you to work from an early age. Once you have set your goals, learn related skills, network with relevant people, read books about it, even do a part-time job in that industry to learn things from the inside. Then only will you be all prepared to launch your dream career. It doesn't come easy or quickly.

Economic independence

According to Fariba, getting a taste of economic independence from a young age is crucial in one's journey to success. As soon as you turn 18, start applying for part-time jobs or start an online venture.

Being economically independent gives you a sense of responsibility. You will learn how to self-love, how to take care of yourself and how to fulfill your needs on your own. And once you get a taste of it, you will soon realize what you are missing out on.

People who are dependent on others to fulfill their wishes do not really grow up. Because growing up requires courage, hard work and devotion to take care of your needs.

Working from a young age would also equip you with a few years of experience that is good for your resume. You will learn how businesses work, how things are dealt with in practical life and how to interact with people.

Build A Support Group Around You

When you are young, you are not much aware of the company you keep. You don't realize that some people in your circle might be toxic. The best way to recognize them is to talk about your dreams with them and observe their reaction. If they support you, they're good. But if they tell you that you cannot do it, they are the ones you should get rid of.

According to Fariba, having a support group is essential for keeping motivated and staying on the right track. Because these people would never let you divert from your path. They will be there for you whenever you need them. However, it should always be reciprocated. You should also always support them in their dreams.

Fariba believes that age is just a number. Professional life according to society starts at the age of 25. But it has always been proven wrong by people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. She believes that if you are driven by your passions, you can be successful at any age.

Fariba Rahimi is an international model, influencer, founder of two successful businesses, a Forbes Business Council member and an aspiring actor. She shares her insightful experiences to help others grow and fulfill their dreams. The model has been working with Versace since three years and appearing in multiple magazine covers as an inspiration for all.