FantomStarter offers an eco-friendly way for NFT projects to launch on the Fantom network

eco-friendly NFT

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are at a crossroads of sorts in 2021 as rising environmental concerns related to the operation of protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have put a spotlight on more eco-friendly and sustainable networks.

At the same time as these concerns have been rising in the public consciousness, non-fungible tokens have burst onto the scene and become the hottest growing trend in the crypto ecosystem. This new avenue of income for artists and users has also started to clog blockchains and drive the cost of conducting transactions on the Ethereum network to levels that price out a majority of the global population from participating in the fun.

One project that is looking to tackle both of these issues by harnessing the low-cost, high throughput nature of the Fantom network is FantomStarter. The first multi-chain education, investment, and rating platform on Fantom is designed to attract a wide range of users, projects, and venture capitalists through the onboarding of both blockchain projects as well as traditional tech startups. All 3 of the IDOs currently launching on the platform include NFTs as a way to interact and add value to their ecosystems.

The world of fine art collectibles has legitimized NFTs and initiated a has expanded the focus on moderating environmental concerns and increasing sustainability. Artists and their communities are turning towards less expensive proof-of-stake models. An NFT Marketplace on Fantom, which recently reached 5 million FTM (equivalent to approximately $15M) in Total Trading Volume is PaintSwap.

Fantom offers an eco-friendly solution

As the migration to proof-of-stake is underway, the chain leading the decarbonization effort is Fantom Opera. Consuming only 0.00000301 kWh per transaction, with an average of 500,000 transactions happening per day, it utilizes a low-cost proof-of-stake model that requires only a fraction of the required electricity compared to other networks while also offering more robust processing capabilities.

This figure is 10 million times less than the energy required to conduct an equal number of transactions as Ethereum. a fact that is likely to draw the attention of the environmentally conscious crypto and NFT crowd. NFT Projects and artists looking to get a jumpstart on the competition while gaining access to one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency communities in the ecosystem would benefit from taking a deeper dive into what the FantomStarter has to offer.

The Fantom network is also Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible, meaning any token that operates on the Ethereum network can bridge over to Fantom and take advantage of its high speed, low-cost nature. So any projects building on Ethereum can cross over to the Fantom Network and launch on FantomStarter.

If you are one of the few NFT games building on Fantom and are looking to bootstrap your launch, offers the unique benefit of access to a community of informed crypto enthusiasts and investors looking for the next hidden gem.

FantomStarter is a multi-chain IDO platform, which helps approved projects raise funds through the Fantom Opera chain. Its cross-chain interoperability provides projects a choice of blockchains with operational support from the FantomStarter team across Fantom (FTM), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (Matic), and many other networks.

Access to the FantomStarter ecosystem provides essential strategic industry knowledge to the project. This support includes token security, marketing, branding, operational support (such as HR, Finance, Advisory, etc.), and access to a broad investor ecosystem, retail as well as institutional.