BIGBANG's T.O.P drug scandal inspired a Youtuber to make a video which resulted in mixed reactions. A Youtuber took up the the controversial scandal which shook the K-pop world and made a video related to it.

The said Youtuber uploads videos of how to draw portraits and recently showed his viewers how to draw T.O.P in a video. The oil painting of T.O.P he made was undoubtedly striking but we he did next offended some people.

According to Koreaboo, the Youtuber earned him the wrath of T.O.P fans and VIPs from the world over for ripping off the portrait of the rapper in half and later rolling it into a humungous fake joint. Also, he went ahead to smoke it.

It was possibly put up for some satire in my mind but it resulted in a huge outrage. In fact, some even demanded to remove the video from YouTube.

In other news, apart from Bigbang's T.O.P. now more celebrities have been accused of the drug use including senior actor Ki Joo Bong, stage actor Jung Jae Jin who have been accused of smoking marijuana. However, the punishment for all three of them were different. The discrepancy made the netizens angry.

In fact, Ki Ju Bong has been accused of the same charge as T.O.P and has been issued a preliminary arrest warrant, whereas, Jung Jae Jin has been arrested.On the other hand, T.O.P has been prosecuted without detention.

Fans would be aware that after the all the other controversies surrounding T.O.P after the marijuana scandal he fell sick and was being hospitalized after being found between a state of deep sleep and semi-consciousness on June 6 due to some medical drug overdose. The rapper however is reportedly recovering now.