Fanfury talks about the upcoming $FURY token launch


Fantasy sports have seen tremendous growth. In the US alone, over 50 million people currently play fantasy sports. The industry has a huge potential to grow and the Terra-based fantasy sports platform, Fanfury is all set to reap its benefits. Fanfury aims at providing a daily fantasy sports platform that is completely trustless and decentralized, allowing its users to take part in contests against each other to earn profits as well as to take part against the house in large multi team contests.

The Fanfury System

Fanfury is one of the first play-to-earn games that will run on a Terra-based decentralized ecosystem. While many DAOs and fantasy sports protocols run on complex mechanisms that do not allow regular crypto users to fully benefit from the platform, Fanfury has created a platform that allows a community-based ownership and profit-sharing structure, that allows every participant to earn rewards either as part of their winnings or a cashback.

The $FURY token will be used to power the future of fantasy sports and sports gaming, by a community of fan-centric sports enthusiasts.

Fanfury Tokenomics

According to their tokenomics, the total supply has been set at 420 million. With an initial public sale through a Prism Forge styled approach where 25.5 million tokens will be listed, Fanfury will rely on the community to decide the final public sale price of the $Fury token. With Forge, this is done by dividing the total deposits over the entire Forge event, by the total number of tokens available during the sale 

(Total Deposits in FORGE + Total deposits in Team Fan Clubs)/(Total number of public sale tokens) = Public Sale $Fury Token Price

Fanfury applies a unique mechanism to its tokenomics by using a deflationary system that in turn helps create scarcity for the token, while relying on ingame demand to drive the price. To further simplify it, each time the price of the token rises lesser tokens will be burnt and when the price falls a higher number of tokens will be burnt to navigate market volatility.

The $FURY Token

Terra has a singular mission: to increase the adoption of stable coins. So far, Terra has seen impressive growth thanks to affiliations, partnerships, and a growing community ( LUNAtics). Fanfury is built on Terra, integrating advanced technologies such as smart contracts and multiple Oracles to avoid any form of manipulation, utilizing Chainlink, Supra, and Band protocol, and leveraging these tools to validate data from real-world sources and control the game rules for governance.

$FURY token will be used to take part in contests on the app. All contest entries will be paid for in $FURY, held by the platform in $UST, and paid out using $FURY.

Upon asking the team to describe the platform in a nutshell they said :
"FURY is a Decentralized Platform for Daily Fantasy Sports. It is a community-owned and operated DApp that anyone can play on. Players compete against each other in a variety of games, win prizes, and earn FURY tokens. We call this the Daily Fantasy Sports 2.0 experience. Unlike traditional DFS websites, players don't need to give up their data or forfeit control of their funds to play on our platform".

Event dates:
Claim your Team Fan Club: 15 - 22nd April
$FURY launch on Prism Forge: 23rd April onwards
Token Generation Event : 23rd April

About Fanfury

Fanfury is one of the first Terra-based play-to-earn games to provide a decentralized gaming experience. Fanfury is establishing a multi-faceted sports environment for users that goes beyond fantasy sports. The objective is to overcome concerns about data manipulation, unfair user behaviors, and user privacy through a trustless and private platform, which is designed to provide optimal returns for sports and DeFi lovers all over the world.

The platform incorporates real-world sports and allows users to participate in a variety of international events related to these sports. This necessitates the use of off-chain real-world data that is certified by decentralized oracles for fairness and security.

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