Famously known as Magicalmost, magician Ayoub El Ahmadi charts a unique success story in the world of magic.

Ayoub El Ahmadi

He gives unparalleled and beyond-belief magical experiences to the crowd, catering to their needs and the occasion with mind-boggling tricks and carefully crafted routines.

Magicalmost has performed for various celebrities from the screen and sporting world, Royal Family members, but also Sheikhs & Sheikhas from the Gulf Region.

So much has already been spoken about a lot of people who believed in their ideas, visions, and goals and who went ahead in attaining them one by one, thriving off of their hard work and passion. Still, there is so much more that needs to be discussed about them and their journeys for the world to know their genius. It is necessary to put more light on their stories, for they are made up of resilience, conviction, and dedication for their craft as professionals and were created from the ground up. We couldn't help but notice how Ayoub El Ahmad, famously known as Magicalmost, has radiated brilliance in his craft as a magician, illusionist, mentalist, blogger, and actor, creating beyond-belief magical experiences, catering to the varied needs of audiences as per occasions and events.

Magicalmost, who also serves as the CEO of Luxury Events 4U, did not reach his path to success overnight. Being a young guy from Morocco with eyes brimming with high hopes for his career and his growing intrigue and innate skills in magic, he did not imagine he would reach this far in his career. Today, he is based in Dubai and has performed extensively across the GCC, making sure to enthral audiences with his performances from large stage productions, illusion, and mentalism to iPad magic and close-up street magic that stand different from each other. These performances are all about his carefully crafted routines, mind-boggling tricks, and skillful sleight of hand that comes from a place of love for magic, creating moments of astonishment and wonder for people.

He, too, had his share of struggles and challenges on his path. Recalling a few of them, Magicalmost says that as a magician, he not only had to focus on his magical craft but also manage the business aspects of his career. This included marketing himself, building a professional network, negotiating contracts, and managing finances. Creating a balance between the artistic side and the practical business elements was challenging, but he shares how with careful planning, learning from industry experts, and seeking mentorship, he could navigate these challenges effectively.

Today, Ayoub El Ahmadi has flourished as a magician and grown his artist booking agency, specializing in curating performances that leave a lasting impression, also thriving on an extensive network of talented artists while offering a diverse range of entertainment options. The former contestant on Arabs Got Talent, Magicalmost, also had the privilege of performing in over 100 shows.

Magicalmost (@magicalmost) is determined to diversify his brand by exploring related avenues in the entertainment industry. This could involve developing his own magic products, creating branded merchandise, and doing more