Family-Owned Jewelry Company, APM Monaco, Makes an Impression With their Distinctive and Affordable Pieces

APM Monaco
Collection Festival from APM Monaco

Confidence and self-expression can come in many forms, and how we decide to style ourselves is one of the most vital ways we express ourselves. Over the centuries, clothing and accessories have reflected cultures and people from all backgrounds. Jewelry is especially a large part of this creative expression, as it can portray individuality and bring detail to the simplest of looks. While clothing can often be simply functional, jewelry is almost always a product of an intentional stylistic choice. Jewelry can be worn on special occasions or can be something that remains on your body as a permanent part of one's identity. Its variety in meaning is partially what allows for exploration and creativity.

However, finding pieces that connect with one's aesthetic sense as well as inner self make can be difficult in an industry where innovation and design is not always prioritized. While many luxury brands rarely change their historical designs and many affordable brands solely focus on affordability at the expense of their products' quality and style. However, survey reports show that 'good design is a priority for Millennials,' the generation that is currently the fastest-growing jewelry-buying demographic. For this reason, brands that can prioritize design, while also making their products attainable financially will most likely find greater success.

An example of a jewelry brand that reflects this strategy is APM Monaco. APM Monaco is a family-owned jewelry owned and operated by the Prette family, its founders. The Prette family has been working in jewelry manufacturing since 1968, where they gathered the resources, skills, experience, and knowledge in the field that has brought them the success they experience today. In 2012, Philippe Prette, along with his wife, Kika Prette, created the APM Monaco in-house brand with the intention to bring chic, elegance, and variety to the jewelry market. In doing so, they wanted to fill the gap in affordability and distinctiveness that existed in the jewelry market.

Speaking to the variety, the APM Monaco team endorses creativity and variety by releasing a new collection every month, inspired by selected themes. They use these themes and mood boards to turn their jewelry into art, and to create exciting and engaging campaigns. For instance, one of their most recent ventures, the Yummy Collection, features different 'Yummy Bear' or teddy bear accessories that can be attached to all types of jewelry from bracelets to necklaces to earrings and more. The brand's creative director, Kika Prette, led the campaign to honor the company's 40th anniversary as well as the brand's first hallmark symbol, the teddy bear. This campaign and its jewelry further reinforce the brand's lifestyle image of positivity, welcomeness, and kindness, while also creating more adaptable and unisex pieces.

As they continue to develop novel collections, they make sure that their craftsmanship and teamwork throughout the process is of the highest quality. While using resources like silver and zirconia stones, the brand can design unique jewelry at a cost that customers can afford while having a sustainable impact on the environment. During this process, they utilize their own production sites and carefully curate teams to carry out each step of the production process. In turn, they create pieces that are stylish, high-quality, and affordable.

APM Monaco demonstrates their belief in the forever lifespan of jewelry through their Wonderland Program. The concept behind the program is its motto, "enjoy now, protect the future." This program is meant for customers to bring their older APM pieces to a store to recycle; the APM Monaco team will then use those raw materials to create new jewelry. When you join the program, you receive 2 years full warranty, professional cleaning, and lifetime repair to upkeep your accessories. With this concept, the customer gains benefits and the company is able to continue its sustainable practices.

All of these factors come together to make APM Monaco the ideal go-to jewelry brand for accessories that last and have meaning. With over 400 stores worldwide, the company is excited to continue its growth both online and in stores.