Fallout 4: Here are cheats on in-game console commands for PC

IBTimes Singapore collects all Fallout 4 console commands for PC that have been known so far.

fallout 4 in-game console commands
A scene on Fallout 4 grabbed from YouTube (IGN/YouTube)

Bethesda Softworks gives Fallout 4 a refreshed touch by releasing the tilde key. Switching the in-game console on PC, players get entirely new cheats and commands to level up their experience.

Fallout 4's in-game console can be activated by pressing the tilde key (~) on the keyboard. Pressing it will trigger the dark grey console on the lower half of the monitor which players can utilise to input different commands.

These console commands are there to control the game in several ways. With these cheats on commands, players can revive enemies, kill a creature and many other controls. While it may be powerful, players have to bear in mind that things could go awry as well. Before using these commands, make sure to create a save file.

Fallout 4 console commands for PC

Here are the commands that you will use on Fallout 4 for PC as well as the corresponding effects of those commands. Take note of the plus signs to mean insert so do not include them.

TgmTo enable God mode for immunity
TclTo avoid collision with objects when walking through walls, etc
TaiTo switch off AI and trigger immobility on characters
TfcTo activate the flycam for aerial screenshots
TmTo switch the UI and HUD on and off
~TmTo get the UI back
KillallTo kill everyone in an area except for companions
Kill + IDTo kill the creature of the ID provided
Resurrect + IDTo revive the creature of the ID provided
Setgs fJumpHeightMin + numberTo allow players to change their jump height based on the number provided
Player.setav speedmult + numberTo multiply running speed based on the number provided
Player.foreav carryweight + numberTo increase carry weight capacity based on the number provided
Setscale + number from 1-10To increase the size of yourself or the target based on the number provided
SexchangeTo change sex of character
Player.additem + ID + numberTo add items to a character's inventory based on the quantity provided
Coc gasmokeTo teleport to a hazy room where there are items in boxes
Set timescale to + numberTo speed up or slow down time
TdetectTo stop AI from detecting you
Player.setav + skill + numberTo increase a skill based on the number provided
Player.setlevel + skill + numberTo increase your character's level based on the number provided
CaqsTo complete the main story instantly

These are just the main console commands that players have discovered so far. Expectedly, more might be unveiled in the following days or weeks.

This article was first published on October 6, 2017