Fake news: Trump announces coronavirus vaccine, Roche Diagnostics thanks US president

Many videos and rumors about a coronavirus vaccine are making the rounds. Here is the truth about news that pharmaceutical company Roche Diagnostics has developed a vaccine for coronavirus

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News of US President Donald Trump announcing that a company has succeeded in developing a vaccine for coronavirus is going viral. It is said that pharmaceutical company Roche Diagnostics has successfully developed the vaccine that will be launched soon. But the news is fake, and so far no company has been successful in developing a coronavirus vaccine.

A video in which the president and CEO of the North-American division of Roche Diagnostics, Matt Sauce, thanks the US president for rapid approval is also going viral. Here is the truth.

The actual video is of Trump appreciating the company for its safe device that can conduct tests for coronavirus. Even Sauce is heard thanking Trump for rapid approval of coronavirus test.

"Thank you, Mr President. From Roche, we want to thank the FDA for their rapid approval of our coronavirus test. We really appreciate the partnership with the CDC and the FDA to get that to market as fast as possible because it's critical for us to make that available to help patients in need, and working with laboratories to get it up and going in the near future, which will bring hundreds of thousands of tests available to patients in need in the United States. So, thank you," states Sauce.

Rumors that the new vaccine will be launched by next Sunday are also false.

Earlier, Roche Diagnostics shared the information about their test kits on Twitter. The tweet read: "Roche #SARSCoV2 test kits on a FedEx truck get a police escort to Indianapolis International Airport. They're headed to customers and the patients they serve."

So, it was the test Trump was talking about and not a coronavirus vaccine.

Earlier, another fake video of panic buying in Germany had gone viral. But the original video was from a sale of electronic items that was published in 2011.

The US has the fourth highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus with 26,900 infections and 348 deaths as of March 22. Since March 21, the country has seen 2,693 new cases of COVID -19.

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