Fake branded clothing gang busted in Singapore, 2 arrested

60-year-old man arrested in Singapore

A joint operation conducted by the Singapore Police and the customs department has seized fake branded clothing worth S$120,000 on Thursday. Two people were also arrested during the 14-hour-long joint operation. The Police and customs issued a media release on February 10 confirming the arrest.

The joint press release stated that a man and woman, both aged 36 were arrested on Thursday for their alleged involvement in the importing of counterfeit products. The statement also said that further investigations on this case are going on at a steady pace.

Details of the incident

The customs department in Singapore first got the tip about this fake branded clothing gang when they inspected a clothing consignment on Monday at a warehouse in Pioneer sector. Soon, the customs sent the clothing samples to the brand owners, and they confirmed that these are counterfeit products. The authorities later seized a total of 6,097 fake apparels, and eventually, the two suspects were nabbed.

Counterfeit mafia on prowl in Singapore

This is not the first time that counterfeit products are getting seized in Singapore. On August 18, 2017, a man was arrested for selling counterfeit luxury watches and watch accessories online. During the raid, the police seized 1,102 pieces of fake goods worth S$53,000.

In a similar incident on August 24, 2017, the Singapore Criminal Investigation Department arrested four people for selling fake goods at the Lucky Plaza. The convicts sold fake Nike clothing and Adidas bags which literally resembled like the originals.

Even though Police and customs are conducting regular raids to demolish the counterfeit mafia, they are still on the prowl and the recent arrest substantiates this fact.

In Singapore, counterfeiting products are considered a very serious offense. People who import, possess or distribute goods with fake trademarks may get a fine up to S$100,000 or jail sentence for up to five years or both.