Faiz Warsani explains thechallenges his company 'SweetDreams' faced before launching its sleepingproducts

Faiz Warsani

Low-quality sleep and lack of sleep can eventually deteriorate a person's health over time. Chronic sleep loss can even lead to severe headaches and fatigue. With irregular sleeping patterns, insomnia becomes a part of people's life which is not a good sign in the long run. These problems of sleeping late at night are usually seen in youngsters. On average, 8 hours of sleep is a must for every person but with the increase in the usage of gadgets, their sleeping pattern is getting severely hampered. In the long run, to get rid of insomnia and anxiety, people consume pharmaceutical drugs which might not give guaranteed results to every individual.

Bringing an end to this problem of insomnia, anxiety, and depression, a young and talented guy named Faiz Warsani has come up with an effective solution. The 19-year old entrepreneur who hails from Chicago has developed an all-natural solution through his research of more than a year. He has also been prey to insomnia and it was only after several self-tests, this young man built his company named 'SweetDreams'. The special formula called 'DreamPotion' is an all-natural sleep potion that uses plant-based ingredients like naturally derived CBD oil, premium melatonin extract, and blueberries. These ingredients are amalgamated and this unique mixture is harmless which works effectively for those who want to have a sound sleep.

The procedure to incorporate this company happened in October 2019 but Faiz established it officially in January this year. With its unique bottle shape, DreamPotion has exquisite colors and tastes sweet. After the concept got tested, the products were made available in the market. However, before launching these products, Faiz had to go through a lot of challenges. One of the biggest challenges for the entrepreneur was to find the right manufacturer for the oil. "I wanted to work with someone who had an idea about my vision because I wanted to make sure that the products are in its organic form and not bottled with any chemicals", said Warsani. The entrepreneur further stated that he went through five different suppliers before confirming the current product. The company's major focus is to give quality products and not in quantity.

The young man who has a terrific background in e-commerce holds great expertise in branding as well. With a great fanbase on social media, his company got a humongous response after launching the products. Bringing this much-needed product in the market, Faiz Warsani is pretty sure to help everyone who is suffering from insomnia. "For all the educated minds of today's generation, physical health is very important. Mental health is taken for granted and lack of sleep is one of the primary reasons why people suffer from anxiety", added Faiz. The company which has successfully launched the all-natural sleeping products will soon be launching several other products by the next year.

This article was first published on October 22, 2020