Failures Eventually led Entrepreneur Ekalavya Hansaj to Success

Ekalavya Hansaj

His failures started early in life. From a young age, he focused his attention on AI, technology, automation, and reverse engineering. We weren't always struggling but our finances were always dismal at home once my dad's business failed, so one of the major driving forces in my life was getting out of that mess so that I could buy a proper home for my family and design my own life. I knew money wasn't everything, but for a young teen limited resources meant limited opportunities so I thought the only way to improve my life would be to gain financial freedom. Most of the people in my life didn't understand this, maybe they had succumbed to the harsh reality of life, without believing that an alternative life is available, even to people like us; Says Ekalavya Hansaj.

Ekalavya Hansaj's first entry into the business world was when he created a social media platform based on common interests called Socialyk. I had big aspirations for Socialyk, however, such aspirations were unlikely to come to fruition in the way that I hoped, and I decided that I had to move on to greener pastures. I couldn't get the level of investment required to actualize my vision for Socialyk and then I had legal issues on a scale I wanted so with a heavy heart, I abandoned my first business venture, Ekalavya Hansaj said further.

These are further important questions that we asked Ekalavya Hansaj.

What happened after Socialyk was no longer an option?

With Socialyk no longer an option, I had to find another business idea to realize my dream of becoming financially independent and buying my family a proper home. My home life was particularly troublesome at that time, and my life felt like a rollercoaster. As a child, the school was my only escape. It was my ability to step into normality, so my world came crashing down when my mom told me I had to leave because we did not have enough money. I was devastated as I enjoyed learning and desired to pursue higher education after school. While other teens were enjoying high school, I had to figure out how to get around life. Back then, I thought it was hell. Today, I look back and realize it was those tough days that taught me most of the valuable lessons in life that have ensured my businesses being successful:

1) No matter how many obstacles life throws at you, you have the ability to overcome them.
2) We all have the ability to rise above the cards we are dealt with and create the life we desire.
3) Struggle and sacrifices make us stronger and more resilient to face future troubles more effectively.

Tell our readers about your most successful and current business.

I started my second business in 2018 with nothing to my name, working relentlessly to make it a success. I knew nothing of advertising, but I had a business concept that revolved around advertising and helping celebrities and public personas with their brands. So, there I was, a 30-year-old nobody from a country like India and based out in San Francisco, emailing and cold calling the world's who's who.

It worked! Determination and resilience paid off, and I soon landed my first big client. From then on, Quarterly Global grew into the 9-figure business it is today. Reaching the coveted 9 figures was no easy task, though. I know it sounds easy, but it was a road filled with many thorns. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, never believe it when others tell you it's going to be easy. It is not. In order to access 6, 7, 8, or 9-figure revenue success, you'll have to make sacrifices. "Give and take" – that is the way of our three-dimensional world.