Fahed Alterkawi has made his car dealership Levant Auto Trading one of the best in business in Dubai

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Fahed Alterkavi

One name that has dominated the car buying and selling business in Dubai is that of Levant Auto Trading.

Buyer and seller of the most high-end luxury cars in Dubai is Levant Auto Trading, which has established its name in this ever growing, fast paced luxury car retail industry.
Started by Fahed Alterkawi in 2014, Levant Auto Trading today has become synonymous with luxury car buying and selling in Dubai. Fahed has years of experience in this business as he started working in this industry in the year 2007 in Syria. Since his country was under civil war, he thought it was in his best interests to shift the business from Syria to Dubai. He officially launched his company Levant Auto Trading in Dubai in 2014, and has never looked back since its launch. Today it has a vast presence in the luxury car buying and selling market in Dubai, with every other deal that happens in the luxury car segment going through them.

Levant Auto Trading has a vast display of luxury car collections like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover and many more. One thing that makes Levant Auto Trading stand apart from its competitors is their personalized customer support backed by a robust service network which makes buying and selling experience flawless for the customers.

From sedans to SUV's, the impeccable showroom displays the fanciest cars on four wheels that one can ever imagine. Fahed says "I had predicted long back that the luxury car segment will definitely grow at 5%, as this showed tremendous potential since the very beginning. My passion for cars, backed by my strong belief that this market will hit the skies made me jump into this business without giving it a second thought".

Fahed has plans to expand his brand by setting up a couple of more showrooms across UAE in coming times. Having emerged a market leader in the luxury car buying and selling industry in Dubai, Fahed aims at taking Levant Auto Trading to soaring heights with his sharp business acumen and passion for four wheelers by making his establishment a globally recognized name soon.

To have a sneak peek at the luxury cars parked at Levant Auto Trading visit www.alterkawi-motors.com or check out their official Instagram account.

This article was first published on December 7, 2020