Fahad Mousa Ali Amongst the UAE celebrities invited to Phuket to promote Thailand tourism

Fahad Mousa Ali

UAE-based footballer Fahad Mousa Ali is a multi-tasker who juggles multiple hats in his daily life, as apart from being a footballer, he is also a cop in the Abu Dhabi Police Department. But it's in his genetics as he comes from a family of achievers. "One of my brothers is a captain in the army, the other one works with the Dubai airport police and my third brother is a popular bodybuilder in UAE. Whereas my sisters are also government employees," informs Fahad, taking pride in the fact that his whole family is serving the country through their work.

Fahad shares that football has always fascinated him since childhood. "As a kid, I would watch a lot of sports on TV, but football intrigued me the most. My favorite player was the Brazilian footballer, Ronaldinho. I always saw him as an inspiration. Whenever I played football with my friends in school or in the streets, I always excelled in it. And one day, the manager of my present club watched me in one such match and offered me to join the club," recalls Fahad, adding that since the age of 14, he had trained in the club every day until eventually, he became a national level player by 2017.

And it is this football that has given him recognition not just in UAE, but globally as well. Considering his huge fan following in the country and his popularity over social media, the tourism department of Thailand had invited Fahad to visit Phuket and promote Thailand tourism.

A source shares that Fahad is amongst the few popular personalities from across the UAE that has been invited to visit Phuket. As tourism has started to open up in some places of Thailand after the Covid pandemic, the tourism department wants these popular personalities to experience their hospitality so that more people get to know about it and start traveling to the country.

Confirming the same, Fahad reveals, "I'm currently in Thailand along with 15 other celebrities from UAE, including several journalists and social media influencers. The tourism department of Thailand wants us to experience and promote the tourism of Phuket, as they opened up for tourists recently. And I am having a great time here experiencing the locations, culture, and food of Thailand. I really look forward to visiting the country again," he concludes.