Fact Check: Pictures claiming to be from Kim Jong Un's funeral go viral, here's the truth

The doctored images claiming to be from the funeral of Supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un are being circulated on social media

Kim Jong Un fake image

Images claiming to be from the funeral of North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un's funeral are going viral on social media. But the fact is that no official announcement has been made about Kim Jong Un's health condition yet. Here is the truth about the images that are circulating.

Images that too having watermark of Associated Press (AP) showing a man inside the transparent coffin, body covered with red shawl, with captions "Kim Jong Un no more, watch live funeral scenes," and "#KimJongUn's death yesterday covered up but pictures have just been leaked of his funeral from this morning. His sister is taking over," are circulating in various social media platforms.

Kim Jong Un funeral

But in fact, these images are from the funeral of Kim Jong Un's father Kim Jong Il's funeral. Kim Jong Il, the then supreme leader of North Korea died in 2011. His funeral was conducted on December 28, 2011. The North Korean government announced on December 19 that Kim Jong Il had died on December 17.

The images shared above can be seen in the video shared by AP in 2015 on YouTube.

The images doing rounds in social media now claiming to be of Kim Jong Un are attributed to Japanese network JNN and Hong Kong Satellite TV. But in reality, these images are doctored and are taken from the funeral of Kim Jong Un's father Kim Jong Il. Some even doctored the image and photoshopped Kim Jong Un's face into the image of his father Kim Jong Il, taken during his funeral.

Kim Jong Il funeral

North Korea has so far not issued any information regarding Kim Jong Un's health or his whereabouts. But South Korean officials had said that they knew about Kim Jong Un's whereabouts and rubbished rumors of North Korean leader's death.

Speaking on similar lines, US President Donald Trump too said in a White House press briefing that he was aware of Kim Jong Un's whereabouts. He said, "I can't tell you, exactly — yes, I do have a very good idea, but I can't talk about it now. I just wish him well."

Kim Jong Un has kept away from appearing in public from April 11. His absence from April 15 event of commemoration of his grandfather Kim Il Sung's 108th birth anniversary raised concerns about his health.