FACT CHECK: Pfizer Vaccine Data Given to FDA Shows 97% of Vaccinated Pregnant Women Lost Their Babies

An image that appeared on social media claimed that Pfizer vaccine data given to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows that nearly 97% of vaccinated pregnant women had lost their babies. The image showed a news article published by Health Impact News.

The picture shows a headline that reads, "FDA had data showing 82% - 97% of pregnant women infected with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine lost their babies before approving the shot."

Pfizer vaccine claims
An article published in a health news site made false claims that Pfizer vaccine data given to FDA shows 97% of vaccinated pregnant women lost their babies. Twitter

Article Claimed Pregnancy Outcomes Resulted in Death

The article was published on May 31 on 'Health Impact News' said, "Anne Reed of Operation Rescue reported last week that recently released documents from Pfizer that were submitted to the FDA prior to approving their COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021 showed that 82% - 97% of the documented pregnancy outcomes resulted in death in their post-marketing analysis."

"This is more evidence that Pfizer and the FDA colluded together to conceal damaging data related to the rollout of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines," the article claimed.

The recent documents related Pfizer vaccine which was released as part of an ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit don't show any matches to claims which were made in the article published by Health Impact News.

False claims against Pfizer vaccine
A report published on a health news site made false claims about the Pfizer vaccine. Twitter

FDA Claimed Pfizer A Safe Vaccine

Pfizer vaccine is approved and cleared as a safe vaccine by FDA for everyone above the age of five including those planning families.

So far, the Centre for Disease Control and FDA both have not identified any harmful impact on fetuses after the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.

Claims Made in The Article About Pfizer Vaccine Are False

The report attributed its claims to the recent Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). But an independent analysis of the VARES report doesn't duplicate the claim made in the report, which claimed 4,202 fetal deaths following COVID.

"To date, FDA and CDC have not identified any safety signals for harm to fetuses following administration of the FDA-approved and authorized COVID-19 vaccines. As with all vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, we will continue to carefully monitor the vaccines for safety," said FDA in a June 2, 2022, email to Lead Stories, proving the report false.