Fact Check: PETA Activist Pregnancy With 'Gorilla Sperm'; Is Molly Heather a Fictitious Character?

A report from 2020 claiming a PETA activist's pregnancy from a Gorilla is doing the rounds on social media, leaving netizens baffled. The report, published by news outlet Sirf News, said that a former San Diego biologist and PETA activist, Molly Heather, 23, has impregnated herself with the sperm of an endangered gorilla to preserve the species.

The shocking report has created a huge buzz on social media and claims PETA activist Molly Heather successfully impregnated herself with the semen of a gorilla. Activist Heather took hundreds of specimens of sperm of the gorilla while working at the San Diego Zoo and tried to impregnate herself with it for many years but failed, it says.

The report further stated that she later realized that the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) method was the only way to succeed in her experiment. Heather used in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to combine Gorilla semen with Gorilla eggs to create an embryo and finally impregnate herself to shock everyone.

PETA activist pregnant
PETA activist claims she's pregnant with Gorilla baby Web Screen Grab

"For many years, I tried rubbing gorilla sperm on my vagina with no success, until I realized I could be a surrogate mother to the animal, using gorilla semen and eggs through in vitro fertilization," Molly told media, according to the report.

According to the report, the activist allegedly had sex with gorillas for a long time to become pregnant but was unsuccessful as Heather did not deny allegations of having full-on sex with the animal (a male gorilla).

Heather was fired from work in 2018 for inappropriate behavior. However, she did this with a motive to save the endangered gorilla species and not for sexual gratification, the report further said.

According to the report, Heather said she's a proud lesbian as she never had intercourse with a man in her life. "I am pregnant today with the embryo of George's semen and Camilla's eggs, two San Diego Zoo gorillas," Molly was quoted by media.

Heather said that the Central Africa Eastern Gorilla is critically in danger of extinction. She believes cross-species hybridization is the only way to save the species, according to further reports.

PETA Activist's Pregnancy With Gorilla is a "Hoax"

The activist's peculiar pregnancy news has stunned many. Some experts claim it a hoax, as they believe the human host's immune system would reject the gorilla embryo.

The report first appeared on a website called "World News Daily Report," which clearly states acts Don't Matter." Moreover, though the news report looks very realistic to many, but it is unclear if this is fictitious or real as there are no real videos of Molly Heather available on the internet. She is believed to be a fictitious character.