FACT CHECK: Did My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Give Closed-Door Testimonies Against Donald Trump?

Mike Lindell himself has clarified that he didn't give any secret testimony against Donald Trump and that the claim is baseless.

A video has gone viral that claims My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell gave closed door testimonies against former President Donald Trump. The video was published last week that came with heading "Mike Lindell gives closed-door test!monies aga!nst Trump." However, for those who are still trying to find out the video's authenticity, the claim is completely false and no way is related to Lindell.

In fact, Lindell himself has clarified that he didn't give any secret testimony against Trump. Moreover, the video in its heading mentions Lindell's name but throughout the video he is never mentioned. Hence the claim can easily be dismissed as fake news.

Absurd Claim

Fact Check false
A screenshot of the viral video clip making the rounds Facebook

The video was first published on Facebook on December 10 with the title: "Mike Lindell gives closed-door test!monies aga!nst Trump." After clicking on the video its opens with: "Welcome viewers. Welcome to American Inside where we bring to you the latest trusted and reliable information."

The video then plays a voiceover and then shows multiple photos of Trump and moves on to say "Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander arrived on Capitol Hill on Thursday to give closed-door testimony before the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6th attack on the U.S. capitol."

The video then repeats the message again and elaborates Alexander's closed-door testimony, which was reported by all leading news outlets as having taken place on December 9, 2021.

Fake video
This is what the video claims Facebook

However, Lindell's name is never mentioned in the 8.35-minute long video as claimed in the title, which in a way dismisses the claim that Lindell gave closed-door testimonies against Trump.

Baseless and False

Not only is the claim false but also completely baseless as there is no mention of Lindell anywhere except for in the headline. Moreover, Lead Stories also verified the authenticity of the video and contacted Lindell.

Mike Lindell
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Flickr/Gage Skidmore

The My Pillow CEO immediately refuted the claims to Lead Stories founder Alan Duke when he was asked if he gave closed-door testimonies against Trump. "Of course I didn't .... Wow Alan you are actually going to put a fake flag over a fake story," with a thumbs up emoji.

This thus makes clear that the claim is completely baseless. It's true that Alexander did give secret testimonies against Trump but Lindell was no way linked to it.

The video was a clickbait and many started believing in it just by reading the headline. Many who watched the video realized it immediately that the claim has no authenticity and is nothing but a false piece of information used to misguide people.

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