Fact Check: Did Betty White Receive COVID Booster Dose 3 Days Before her Death?

Viral posts claiming Betty White said she received COVID Booster jab 3 days before her death are doing rounds on social media.

The last day of the year 2021 saw the demise of America's favorite actress, Betty White at the age of 99. She was only a few weeks short of turning 100. Fans flooded social media with tributes to the legendary artist. Betty White's death gave rise to some controversies as well.

A Chicago journalist, Nylah Burton was slammed online for tweeting that Queen Elizabeth II should have died in place of Betty White. "Why not Queen Elizabeth?? The universe took the wrong old white lady smdh," Nylah wrote in a tweet.

PEOPLE magazine's recent issue with the cover story 'Betty White turns 100' also received flak. The new issue came out just days before Betty's death. The actress had even expressed excitement about it in her last tweet. "My 100th birthday... I cannot believe it is coming up, and PEOPLE Magazine is celebrating with me!" she tweeted on December 28. Fans called upon the magazine for 'jinxing' Betty's 100th birthday.

Now, social media has come up with a new rumor regarding Betty White's death. Claims have surfaced that Betty White took a COVID booster shot just three days before she died. It is pertinent to note that no cause of death was established and police said that it is likely the actress died of natural causes.

Betty White
Betty White Instagram/Betty White

Where did the claim originate?

The aforementioned claim was largely attributed to a media interview of the actress on December 28. "Eat healthy and get all your vaccines. I just got boosted today," White allegedly said. Posts containing the supposed quote went viral on social media. Almost all of the posts contained
the web address of an article on the website crowrivermedia.com with the title 'Betty White: I'm lucky to still be in good health.' The article was supposedly based on PEOPLE magazine's original interview of the actress in the cover story 'Betty White turns 100!'

 Viral post claiming Betty White said she received COVID booster shot 3 days before her death
Viral post claiming Betty White said she received COVID booster shot 3 days before her death Screen grab - Provided by Snopes.som

Fact check: The claims are false

Betty White's supposed quote about receiving a booster shot was nowhere to be found in that article people shared on social media or in the original PEOPLE magazine story on which it was based. In fact, no statements about vaccines and booster shot by the actress appeared in the media. No reports indicating that the actress was or was not vaccinated against the virus were found as the actress rarely if she did, spoke about such matters.