Fact Check: COVID-19 breakout in South Korea traced to Shincheonji church cult

The spread of Coronavirus in South Korea has been traced to The Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony near Daegu, here is a fact check

The latest breakout of Coronavirus cases in South Korea has been traced to Shincheonji church in Daegu. Currently, 53 new cases of Coronavirus have been found in South Korea, most victims are from Daegu.

Totally 156 people have been confirmed of Coronavirus in South Korea. Reacting to the claims that the virus has been traced to the Chincheonji Church, a self-proclaimed messiah of South Korean religious movement, Lee Man-hee said that the disease is a devil's deed to stop the rapid growth of Shincheonji.

Devotees believe Lee Man-hee will live forever

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He further said that it is a test of faith for the Shincheonji cult. The Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony was founded by Lee Man-hee in 1984. The devotees of this church allegedly believe that Lee Man-hee will live forever.

Statistics claim that out of the total confirmed cases, 111 are from Daegu or surrounding places. According to reports, the spread of the disease is traced to a 61-year-old patient who belongs to the Shincheonji Church cult. She is known as patient 31.

Reports also stated that more than 400 members of the church are showing symptoms of Coronavirus. Tests are on and they have not been declared confirmed cases of the virus attack. Following the reports, officials concerned in Seoul stated that Shincheonji churches will be closed as a precautionary measure.

She was tested for coronavirus on February 18

Still, there is no information on how patient 31 got infected with Covid-19. She was hospitalized on February 7, following an accident. She is said to have developed a fever after three days of the accident and was tested positive for Coronavirus on February 18. However, taxi drivers who came in contact with her are being quarantined, stated Daegu mayor Kwon Young Jin in a Facebook post.

Even after being confirmed with the virus, the patient 31 is said to have attended the church and the service. At least 1,000 devotees are said to have the service on the day patient 31 attended. As there is an increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, Daegu has been put under health surveillance. Measures like closing public libraries, cancelling kindergarten classes have been taken. For the time being, all major events have been postponed in Daegu.

Reports claim that a US army base has restricted access to the public in the city and are imposing self-quarantine for troops and people who attended the service at the church in question has taken measures including shutting public libraries, suspending kindergarten classes, and postponing major events. Worldwide there are more than 75,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and more than 2,100 people have died, most of them from China.

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