Facebook's Independence Day goof-up puts Philippines 'at war'

Philippines celebrated its 118th Independence Day on Sunday.

Facebook offered the Philippine people an unusual greeting to commemorate the country's 118th Independence Day on Sunday, showing the Philippines' flag upside down.

The Filipino netizens were highly surprised with this unusual "Happy Independence Day" greeting. In the greetings, the red side of the flag was on top.

Reports say that if the Philippine flag is flown with its red side on top, it means that the country is at war.

The Filipinos have taken this blunder to social media and there have been a number of posts and tweets regarding this issue.

A Twitter user with user name @mnugaspar said: "Facebook has the Philippine flag upside down. If this is a sign of things to come..."

Another Twitter user @econcepcion said: "Dear @facebook: It's not a happy Independence Day if our flag is like this. Like seriously."

Another social media user, #jezpot5000 said: "Hahahaha,@facebook something's wrong with this PH flag... ALTHOUGH you might know something we don't (?)"

However, there has been no response from Facebook as of the time of posting.

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