Facebook video helps in reuniting Bangladeshi man with family after 48 years

Habibur Rahman started his business after the Liberation War in Bangladesh, at the age of 30 he went for a business trip and never returned

A Bangladeshi man who had left home for a business trip and never came back has finally got reunited with his family after 48 years with the help of a Facebook video, as reported by The Daily Star.

Habibur Rahman had a business of rod and cement in his hometown of Bajgram in Sylhet. He started his business after the Liberation War in Bangladesh. He left his house at the age of 30 and did not return back. His family searched for him and did everything to track him down but they failed.

Family gets reunited with the help of Facebook video

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On Friday, the wife of Habibur's eldest son, who lives in the US, stumbled upon a video post of a man seeking financial help for a patient, who could not be treated for a lack of money. She had heard stories of her father-in-law's disappearance. She grew suspicious and shared the video with her husband.

Habibur's eldest son immediately called his brothers in Sylhet to go check out the patient. On Saturday morning, the brothers visited the hospital and confirmed that the patient in the video was none other than their father.

Habibur has been living at Rayossri area for last 25 years

"I remember that my mother and uncles did everything to find him for years, before finally giving up. Later, my mother passed away in 2000," The Daily Star quoted one of the brothers as saying.

For the last 25 years, Habibur had been living at Rayossri area in Moulvibazar, where a woman named Razia Begum used to look after him. Razia said her family members found Habibur in a disoriented state at Hazrat Shahab Uddin shrine in 1995. "He said he used to live a nomadic life. He has been staying with us ever since. We respect him and call him Peer." After the reunion, the family took Habibur to a private hospital for better treatment.

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