Facebook Smartwatch a Challenge to Apple? All About New Android-Based Device in Queue

The Facebook smartwatch will probably be launched by 2022; following which a second version of the same would also hit the market.

Facebook is gradually expanding its hardware ambitions, as the latest addition to the social networking giant's hardware economy appears to be a smartwatch. Reportedly, the company is vigorously working on a smartwatch with the usual array of features that smartwatches from other companies have to offer; such as fitness, messaging, notification and so on, according to The Information. This piece of information doesn't really come as a surprise given the fact that Facebook did try to purchase Fitbit before Google took it off the market.

As the report claims, the smartwatch will probably be launched by 2022, following which a second version of the same would hit the market as soon as 2023. Although Facebook is developing an Android-based smartwatch, it will run an open-source version of Android, which means Facebook would not make use of Google's traditional Wear OS but some kind of fork, suggests the report.

Also, according to report, Facebook is currently working on its own hardware operating system as well. So, there is a chance that the second iteration of the Facebook smartwatch might run the same.

Facebook Pixabay

The smartwatch will include a tracker, which is supposed to accentuate the fitness and health related features. Also, it is expected that it would be able to connect with other fitness companies' services and hardware. Peleton has been mentioned as one of the potential companies for this.

Of course, the device will bring forth a number of social media features, being a product of Facebook. For example, the device will reportedly have features that would enable the users to track workouts with friends or even have chats with trainers. It would include some quick messaging feature as well.

As reported earlier, Facebook is also working on augmented reality glasses, which are expected to be launched by the company not before 2023. The latest report suggests that future versions of the Facebook smartwatch would also be able to control the smart glasses too. Not only that, earlier in 2019, the social networking company had bought CTRL-labs, a company that created an armband, which can interpret one's brain signals in order to control devices. Apparently, Facebook wishes to integrate that technology into future versions of the smartwatch for controlling the said AR headset.


While there has not been any price estimation, reportedly the social media behemoth would like to sell it "near the cost to produce it." However, one could expect the price to be similar to the other high-end trackers and smartwatches in the market.

However, one should also note that, at this stage, it's nothing more than a rumour as the company has not officially confirmed the information. If anything, readers should keep in mind that the report has also mentioned that the project can get pushed back or taken completely off the table as well.