Facebook rout? 10 percent users deleted accounts so far


A new research conducted by Techpinions, a technology research group, has found that it is not just elite personalities like Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk who are deleting Facebook over data breach fear, but several ordinary users are also saying Adios to the much celebrated social media platform fearing their privacy.

According to the poll, nearly 10 percent of a sample of 1,000 people revealed that they had deleted their Facebook page after it was exposed that Cambridge Analytica has used the personal data of 87 million people to help Donald Trump during the United States presidential election. During the survey, 35 percent of the participants said that they are using Facebook less than they previously used to.

Nearly 17 percent of the respondents revealed that they have deleted the Facebook app from their smartphones over privacy concerns and 39 percent of the participants said that they are still using Facebook even though they are aware of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. About 37 percent said that they are 'somewhat aware' of the privacy breach scandal.

The data breach issue has emerged as an International scandal and several eminent personalities blamed Facebook for collecting, storing and utilizing personal data to target advertisements. Skeptics also alleged that Facebook has emerged the most profitable company in such a short time by selling its users' personal data.

Even though Facebook has dismissed the allegations of selling personal data, the company admitted that it had allowed third-party app developers to access the data to build various applications integrated with the social media platform.

The new data from the survey indicates that the popularity and trust of this social media giant is fast eroding. The company has a long way to recover from the scandal, even though Mark Zuckerberg has assured that they will adopt various effective measures to secure the privacy of user data.

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