Facebook is now testing dark mode on more phones; Facebook app dark mode update imminent

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Dark mode seems to be all the rage these days, as more and more apps seem to be flaunting the blacked-out look. Facebook Inc. is one of the companies that has been working on bringing the dark mode themes to its apps. The company has already rolled out the dark theme for its Messenger app and the long-awaited dark mode for WhatsApp has also been rolled out to Android and iOS users, albeit not officially and only on smartphones.

However, Facebook has yet to roll out the feature for the Facebook app. While we know that Facebook has been working on a dark mode for the Facebook app for Android smartphones for some time, it hasn't quite made it to fruition. But now we are hearing reports of the company testing dark mode on Facebook's Android app.

Dark mode for Facebook in the works

According to a Android Police report, a tipster has reported seeing Facebook's dark mode on his phone for a brief moment, before it disappeared.

A couple of months ago a Reddit user had reported the same phenomena of a dark mode showing up briefly and then disappearing. All these reports indicate Facebook is testing dark mode extensively and it means that an official rollout of dark mode for Facebook is imminent.

Dark but not so dark

A lot of the apps have taken their own sweet time in rolling out dark mode, but over the past week we're seeing the progress speeding up with WhatsApp too seemingly expediting the rollout.

The numerous screenshots that were shared by users who noticed Facebook's dark mode suggest a dark theme that won't employ deep blacks as you would have expected. The dark mode is more or less a blue night shade just like WhatsApp's implementation of the feature.

We would have preferred a completely pitch black dark theme, as that would not only help reduce eye strain but also do wonders for the battery life, especially on phones that sport an AMOLED display. But Facebook seems to have its reservations with regards to dark mode. However, a greyish blue tint isn't that bad after all.

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