Facebook notifying users to install Moments app or risk losing photos

Facebook starts notifying users to install Moments app or risk losing all photos synced from their phone to the social app.

Facebook has once again resorted to crooked tactics to promote its newest photo sharing app 'Moments' after it successfully employed a similar trick to persuade users into installing its standalone Messenger app.

Although Facebook has drawn severe flak in the past for forcing users to switch to one of its newer services, the company seems unperturbed by the fan reactions. The social-networking giant has reportedly started to notify random users that if they don't install the app, all the photos synced from their phone to Facebook will be deleted.

The report also suggests that Facebook users have until 7 July to comply with the company's instructions to make the switch to Moments app via iOS App Store, failing which all their photos on the social-networking app will be permanently deleted.

With less than impressive user support for the Moments app, Facebook had earlier announced that it would soon shut down its photo syncing service. Now it seems that the omen is indeed coming true as Facebook has resorted to harsh tactics of getting its work done, even if it sounds a bit unethical.

Nevertheless, the company seems to have created the ripple effect as the number of downloads for the Moments app has shot up significantly (by 2-3 folds) in the iOS App Store over the last few days.

Not to mention, the Messenger app has constantly remained in the top 10 list of most downloaded apps via iOS App Store, ever since Facebook took the initiative of separating the Messenger feature from the main Facebook app.

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