Facebook's new explore feed is a second tier news feed capable to spin millions

Facebook's newly rolled out explore feed is the social networking platform's innovative way of presenting wider breadth of content to its users

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Facebook, the social networking giant has officially rolled out its new explore feed today, which will be available for both mobile and desktop, and it is expected to be welcomed by the users.

Facebook aims to offer a new experience to its users

Through the newly rolled out feature, Facebook aims to present a wider breadth of content to its users. The complimentary explore feed will be loaded with popular articles, videos, and photos, which are automatically customized for each user based on the content that might interest them. Facebook has now rolled out this new feature to meet the needs of its users who want a hassle-free way to explore relevant content from pages they have not connected.

Facebook's clever strategy to increase its revenue

According to tech buffs, the new explore feed will pick similar contents which are closely related to things which you have already liked and followed. Facebook has rolled out this new feature to elevate its monetizing campaign, as the latest explore feed compels users to spend more time on the site so that more ads can be served in between the contents.

This new explore feed is undoubtedly a second tier news feed which will attract the audience to spend more time on the platform so that the revenue from the site can be elevated drastically. As of now, no advertisements appeared in the new explore feed but in the coming days, the social networking giant will surely serve ads in between the contents.

Where to find the new explore feed?

In the Desktop, the new 'Explore Feed' can be seen under the 'Explore' tab where you will find several other options like Events, Pages, Friends List, and On this Day. To access this new tool, users should click 'See more' under the 'Explore' tab.

On Android smartphones, users can locate the new explore feed under the 'More' tab in the main navigation page. iOS users can access this explore feed by tapping the hamburger button listed under the 'Explore' menu.

Facebook started testing the new explore feed earlier this year, and now after months of testing, the company has now finally rolled out the feature which is expected to go well with the users.

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