Facebook Messenger's Instant Games set for global rollout with amazing new features

New Instant Games features start rolling out globally across 30 more countries on Facebook's Messenger app.

Instant Games on Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger's Instant Games set for global rollout with amazing new features

Facebook has just announced the global rollout of Instant Games for its popular Messenger app with amazing new features like turn-based gameplay and the addition of new Game Bots, which was announced at the recent F8 conference. Although Instant Games were accessible on the Messenger app ever since November 2016, it is now being rolled out to 30 more countries worldwide.

Instant Games will now make their way to desktop, iOS and Android platforms as reported by Facebook in its recent post on the official website. Some of the newly added games include high-profile titles like Words With Friends and Blackstorm's EverWing.

Depending on the platform you use (iOS, Android or desktop) and the location where you reside, you could be enjoying up to 50 game titles on the Facebook Messenger app. The best part is you will get to share your high scores with your family and friends as you try to outplay each other in a series of turn-based gameplay with access to leaderboards and tournaments for multiple players.

Facebook Messenger Instant Games

Besides, the newly introduced Game Bots will "help re-engage players by calling out new game options and encouraging competition with updates on the leaderboards."

Here are the excerpts from the official description for the Instant Games' features:

People will begin to see new features as gamedevelopers start to incorporate the new capabilities with one of Instant Games on Messenger's biggest hits, Blackstorm's EverWing, being among the first to use Game bots. Depending on what device you use and where you are located, there are now up to 50 games titles available on Messenger, with more being introduced almost every week. We're also excited to be bringing the world's #1 pool game — Miniclip's 8 Ball Pool — to Instant Games very soon."

Facebook Messenger users will be able to enjoy the new Instant Games features across the globe on iOS and Android platforms in the next few weeks. Do let us know in the comments section below, if you have already secured access to the latest Instant Games for Facebook Messenger.

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