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Facebook launching ad-powered premium original TV content for free

Facebook is all set to launch its original TV content under two different categories: premium, and budget-friendly aka lighter version. The lighter or shorter version will support video content up to 10 minutes in length, which will mostly comprise of new episodes of existing content on Facebook.

The premium version, on the other hand, will feature longer content ranging between 30 and 60 minutes and it will be supported with bigger budgets that will fit into primetime slot television.

Facebook is allegedly trying to win back potential users from the youth segment, particularly the teenage group who will be interested in virtual reality shows that enable young people to participate in a live dating show, before they could meet their partners in real life.

Facebook's ad-powered video content and live TV shows will be free-for-all as users can enjoy original TV content at no extra cost.

The social-media giant had announced its original TV content for April release, during the recent F8 conference. However, the scheduled launch was scrapped for some reason and now it's pushed back to June.

[Source: Business Insider]