Facebook Blocks End-of-Life Broadcasts of French Man Who Decided to Live Stream Death

The social media platform gave a confirmation that it had blocked the live broadcasts, according to reports

The social media platform Facebook on Saturday blocked the live broadcasts from an ill bed-ridden man named Alain Cocq who made an appeal to the French President Emmanuel Macron for a medically-assisted death and wanted to show what he expected to be a painful end to his life after he stated that he had stopped all food and drink.

Facebook gave a confirmation that it had blocked the live broadcasts. "Our hearts go out to Alain Cocq and those who are affected by this sad situation. While we respect his decision to draw attention to this complex and difficult issue, based on the guidance of experts, we have taken steps to keep Alain from broadcasting live, as we do not allow the depiction of suicide attempts," the social media platform said in a statement.

Facebook Blocks Live Stream

Alain Cocq
Alain Cocq during one of his broadcasts Facebook

Prostrate on his bed, the man put the video of himself on Friday after having what he claimed to be his last liquid meal. "I know the days ahead are going to be very difficult," he said. "But I have taken my decision and I am serene," as reported by the AP.

In a letter that Cocq posted Macron mentioned that the French law forbade him from granting the request for the 'right to leave with dignity' with the help of medically assisted death. "With emotion, I respect your approach because it speaks to the very intimate relationship that each of us builds with the end of our life and our death," Macron stated in the letter that was sent after one of the aides spoke with the man by telephone. The president also stated that he is not in a position to grant the man the request.

Denied medically-assisted death

The French media had reported Cocq, who suffered from a long-term and incurable illness has lived with great pain for 34 years, and following multiple operations, he prefers to die. In his Friday evening Facebook post, the man said the alternative is going to be the degradation of his body. "I am going to stop hydrating myself when I turn off the lights. Given my general condition, it's likely to be quick, which is what I hope for, because I'm not a masochist," he said. He stated that he will continue taking painkillers.

"The path to my deliverance is starting and, believe me, I am happy about it. To those I won't see again, I say goodbye. Such is life," he added. Cocq had planned to live broadcast the end of his life but a message on his account stated that Facebook has blocked him from posting videos until Tuesday.

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