Fabrizio Boccardi: "I Came, I Saw, And I Am Forging The Commerce Of The Future"

Fabrizio Boccardi

Fabrizio Boccardi over many years has been regularly covered by the news internationally about his ventures in real estate, technology, media, and hospitality. In the United States he has been featured by top media outlets such as, to name a few, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Associated Press, the New York Post, Forbes, etc., and he is staying the course.

Fabrizio Boccardi is one of the most ambitious entrepreneurs to settle in Las Vegas. In a city that has a history of unique characters, Boccardi fits right in the mix. He is confident, sharp, savvy, successful, and still relatively young.

With a different pedigree than most Las Vegas entrepreneurs, he was born in Milan, Italy, and due to a series of family setbacks was forced to drop out of high school and fend for himself quite early in life, earning him over time a unique type of savviness and experience that he so confidently displays today.

At the age of 18 he made his way to Monte Carlo in the south of France to pursue his dreams. His plan was simple; choose your friends wisely.

He started a commodity trading company with which he was able to build important relationships with major exporters of raw coffee, cane sugar, and cocoa in West Africa and South America. At the young age of 21 he was able to establish major business opportunities in the coffee production and trade in the West African country of Zaire (now Congo).

At the time when the market in real state in the south of France was booming, Boccardi made enough "friends" to help him finance and cash in big on the condominium development business. In a short time, he became wealthy enough to expand his interests in the hospitality development industry.

By the mid 90's, Boccardi shifted his attention to America, after a socialist administration came to power in France resulting in a less favorable environment for resort development.

Boccardi got involved with Las Vegas casinos and made global news in attempts to buy control of several properties. He managed to sign a deal for the New Frontier Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, and competed publicly to buy the Desert Inn Hotel & Casino, which was then sold to Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn for a higher cash offer.

Boccardi bid for control also of publicly traded company Riviera Holdings, owner of the Riviera Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip and a casino in Black Hawk, Colorado. His offer caused the stock of Riviera Holdings to increase substantially, initiating a record high climb of its market value that for a while made the old Riviera Casino the new gem of the Las Vegas strip.

Boccardi is also a media financier and creator of the Tyrant Knight, a new type of fantasy action thriller media property initiated with the bestselling book series published by MacMillan of Michael Tiranno "The Tyrant", an inimitable action antihero protagonist which has been publicly the subject of rumored deals for comics, and movie franchises.

It's been publicly reported that Michael Tiranno's story is loosely inspired by Boccardi's life.

As a visionary venture capitalist, Boccardi understands that value is spawned by brilliant perception of public appeal together with creatively bold innovation and leadership. Boccardi's most important ventures and investments are targeting new disruptive technologies fixed on revolutionizing all commerce.

"In technology there is only one way to succeed, and it's by visionary disruption, necessitating true grit" Boccardi says, to explain his mind set.

He has most recently announced a new CTO at his technology company WealthIntel and continues to attach invaluable talent to pursue a unique vision that aims to transform and substantially innovate commerce.

Boccardi added "I think there are a lot of people, and I'm one of them, who believe that we are only scratching the tip of the iceberg in technology. Tech is going to play a much bigger role in people's lives because there are so many things that can be accomplished. Let's just say that as an entrepreneur and investor, I focus more on putting my time, effort, and money on uniquely creative and daring imagination, rather than overly analyzing the market seeking validation based on safer but often unworthy mainstream tendencies. The market doesn't create necessity, it simply reacts to it, and it's visionary innovation that instead drives public demand and spawns markets. Once a problem is clearly identified, and a solution is possible, I don't follow trends, but I boldly set new trends because disruptive solutions often require out of the box thinking and procedures. In technology everything is impossible until it's possible, and as far as I am concerned, if something is too easy, it's a waste of time. The world is changing in front of our eyes, and opportunity is beckoning loud and clear, you just need to perceive which door to open".