F(x) Victoria threatens legal action against rumour spreaders for linking her with Chinese actor Yang Yang

f(x) Victoria is the leader of South Korean girl group, f(x).

f(x)'s Victoria seems to have had enough of dating rumours and haters who are continuously linking her name with the Chinese actor, Yang Yang. The 29-year-old, who co-starred with the actor in the upcoming movie Confirmation of Strange Fates, has reportedly issued a warning of dire consequences to the attackers through her agency.

Victoria released a statement through her Chinese management agency on September 7. The note read: "[Victoria] has been viciously attacked by netizens. The incident has defamed Victoria's reputation, and Victoria herself was mentally hurt. We request for you to stop leaving malicious comments."

Furthermore, the label also threatened a legal action: " We are currently undergoing the collection of evidence and investigation with the help of a law firm. If the slander grows severely out of hand we will definitely take the legal steps necessary to protect our artist's rights and interests."

Meanwhile, the girl group leader also updated her social media account giving a proof of her relationship status: "I am currently single. I know my own situation. I refuse to be part of press manipulation, " the singer wrote.

In addition, Victoria, whose real name in Song Qian, had also addressed her dating rumors with Yang in a previous interview with Chinese media outlet, Jinghwa Times. She said that link-ups arise and she cannot do anything about it: "I think that it is common for a scandal to occur when a male and female actor work on a production together. There's also a very high possibility of becoming good friends while working together. A scandal could or could not arise. If it arises, there's nothing I can do about it, and I consider it interest [in me]," she said.

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