f(x)'s Luna, new Get it Beauty host, lost weight through surgery?

Luna denies liposuction rumours saying she will reveal her diet tips on Get it Beauty show..

The cast and crew of the Korean beauty variety show, Get it Beauty, have welcomed their newest MC, f(x)'s Luna, on the show.

The 22-year-old, who has been on the show previously, is now the permanent MC of the beauty series. Luna hosted her first episode alongside three other hosts on 27 April.

The singer's first episode was all about ongoing beauty trends on social media. While the MCs were discussing the viral beauty ticks and trips, they came across a major rumour targeted at Luna.

The social media post about the new joiner, as per Soompi, read: "A top idol group member named 'L' lost weight through 'that method". The post stated that the songstress has lost weight abruptly through surgery as she appears leaner.

Refuting the so-called 'Liposuction' rumours, the South Korean singer-actress instantly said the stories were false.

"I lost 8kgs. When I was the most thin in 2015, there was talk that I underwent liposuction on my whole body, " Luna stated.

She added: "There were also rumors that I'd shaved my bones, but I definitely did not.Everything they say is groundless. I will soon tell everything on how I removed these fats on my body through this show."

To know about how diet helped Luna shred kilos, watch "Get It Beauty" every Wednesday at 9 p.m. KST.