The F-effect Announces Collection of Frequencies to Reduce Stress and Improve Drastically Improve Mood


London, United Kingdom, 25 January 2023 – The F-effect has launched a collection of frequencies that can be downloaded by subscribers, following a successful clinical trial proving that listening to certain frequencies can reduce stress hormones during medical operations.

The F-effect's unique method uses fractal audio-visual stimulation, vibrational therapy, and theta frequency technology, integrated for the first time to balance body and mind, optimise performance, and promote relaxation. The F-effect's frequencies are said to have been used to manage and eliminate the adverse effects of conditions such as PTSD, pregnancy, drug addiction, and high blood pressure. F Effect has also helped companies improve the well-being of their employees through its frequencies.

The 15 Minutes of Freedom collection consists of six uniquely developed frequencies to enhance the human experience. The first track, "New Dawn," relieves people from anxiety, lowers blood pressure, solves sleep deprivation, and promotes empowerment. The "Zen" frequency is known as "the miracle tone" as it repairs the DNA connected to the universal mind and reduces ethanol from the body. "Harmony" is a frequency for love and enhanced communication, improving relationships and peace. "Gateway" cleanses the cells from electromagnetic frequencies, releasing a person's sense of fear. "Detox" frees up the mind from negative thoughts and awakens a person's intuition, which connects him to the universe. Lastly, "Awakening" releases mental blocks and engages the pineal gland.

The F-effect nurtures harmonious relationships in people, both within themselves and the world around them. It utilizes a science-backed approach to release triggers, interrupts cyclical patterns, and elevate a person's essence to a higher frequency.

The F-effect's most recent study reflected many methodological issues required to acquire substantiation of valuable influences of its frequencies in a clinical setting. The study concluded that The F-effect frequencies lowered stress, measured through the level of cortisol present in a patient's body before, during, and after medical practices involving surgeries.

The 15 Minutes of Freedom collection results from The F-effect's numerous clinical studies and is now available to everyone worldwide.

About The F-effect

The F-effect's unique fusion of sound technology and alternative medicine has been innovated by a disruptive collective of specialists backed by an in-house team of scientists and clinical experts looking to change how the world thinks about wellness. Its dynamic and pioneering team is supported by a strategic group of creative, product developers, marketers, business developers, and industry leaders.

This article was first published on February 5, 2023