EZENZIA's economical approach revolutionizes the US fragrance industry.


Javier Lazo and Jason Fonseca founders of EZENZIA LLC, based in Miami, FL, are on a mission to provide customers in the United States with access to expensive scents at a much lower price. They revolutionized the fragrance business with Arabic perfumery, freeing a new generation of olfactory connoisseurs from the need to compromise quality for the sake of affordability.

The low-cost alternatives offered by EZENZIA are changing the status quo in a sector where expensive perfumes have always been the exclusive domain of the rich. Their competitively priced perfumes, which draw design inspiration from legendary brands like Chanel, Dior and YSL, are introducing high-end scents to more people in the United States with Arabic perfumery.

Beyond reproducing well-known luxury fragrances, EZENZIA is recognized for its cutting-edge products that meet the specific needs of its customers. One of them is BARA Perfume, a revolutionary element that, when used on the skin, increases the longevity of a scent. The NORAH Collection, which offers a four-pack of perfumes adaptable to various environments for approximately $80, also showcases the brand's ingenuity.

It is a widely accepted fact that EZENZIA has had an impact on the fragrance business. The company, which aspires to continue growing, has already sold more than 400,000 items in the year 2023, which has just ended. The company's success is inspiring plans to expand its market by building additional stores across the country, making its opulent scents more accessible to people across the United States.

This expansion comes at a crucial time when demand for Arabic perfumes in the United States is experiencing a huge increase. The middle class is thirsty for high-end experiences, which puts EZENZIA in an excellent position to serve this market.

In short, EZENZIA is attracting a lot of interest and support for its innovative efforts to democratize the Arabic fragrance industry. The company's focus on affordable luxury, along with its innovative products and development goals, usher in a new era in perfume development. A new generation of smell fans will be empowered and the fragrance business will be improved thanks to EZENZIA and the excellent team of Javier Lazo and Jason Fonseca.