An Eye for Opportunity: Meet the Property Consultant who has generated more than $250 million in revenue over 12 years

Sky Tng

Even as a teenager working part time during the holidays, Sky Tng has always had a knack for impressing both his co-workers and customers. After just a week of waiting tables, he was entrusted with managing an entire section of the restaurant, and in the following week, he was promoted to be a host in charge of managing the flow of diners into the restaurant, as well as keeping the diners in the queue happy. "I came up with the idea of offering drinks and seats to the diners in the queue, and I was flattered when I saw Haidilao using a similar queue management process years later," Sky recalls. Later on, he turned down a full-time job offer to train as a restaurant manager to pursue something that he felt was more impactful.

As an undergrad, Sky had the habit of jogging around his neighbourhood. Despite not being very athletic, he enjoyed those jogs as it allowed him to have brief glimpses into his neighbours' lives. When he was pondering his future after his graduation, he saw scenes of his neighbours enjoying meals, playing, and spending quality time together as a family. These scenes gave Sky a newfound appreciation for homes, and gave him inspiration for a career path. "I realised that a home could be so meaningful to a person, and if chosen right, can bring comfort, happiness and belonging to a family. Hence, I decided I would assist people in finding the right homes," Sky said.

Today, Sky Tng is a Property Consultant based in Singapore. He is also a bestselling author and has been featured in multiple news publications such as Yahoo, Channel News Asia and more. In his 12-year career, he boasts an impeccable track record of having closed over 1,000 property investment deals, out of which only one turned out to be unprofitable as his client had to sell the unit prematurely due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sky shares one of his aphorisms for spotting investment opportunities in the market: "Leave something for the next buyer." He brings up the example of Tengah, a currently underdeveloped district in Singapore which is slated to house the upcoming AI, Robotics and Tech industry. "It's a predictable development soon to be filled with high-paying jobs, but having only a small supply of private property," said Sky, who believes people should buy private properties in Tengah if they have the chance. "Although the area currently has little amenities, investing in a place like this leaves something for the next buyer, because they can then reap the benefits of a brand new town with transport and amenities all built up."

Known for his vision and knack for spotting opportunities in the market, Sky is on a mission to educate first-time buyers and retirees on how to grow their wealth through property investing. He firmly believes in the many benefits a house provides: supplementing one's net worth, being a stable source of rental income, and more importantly, a sanctuary for themselves and their loved ones. For those ready to take action, wait no more and get in touch with him today!