Extremely rare sambar deer spotted again in Singapore

A netizen has posted some rare pictures of Sambe Deers while he was traveling on his motorcycle.

Picture for representation
Picture for representation Pixabay

Sightings of sambar deer are quite rare in Singapore, but on yesterday, a netizen named Abdul Quddus posted pictures of sambar deer spotted in the country. Abdul claimed that he witnessed the beautiful sight when he was riding the motorcycle on Friday evening. He also added that the herd of sambar deer crossed the road very calmly.

Abdul shared the photos on his Facebook handle, and captioned it, "Dear Singapore Zoo, is your deer on the loose? Saw it crossing while i was riding.... Its beautiful..".

Sambar deer population declining

According to environmentalists and nature lovers in the country, the number of samba deer in Singapore is declining year by year, and this is the main reason behind the less number of sightings. As per records, the number of sambar deer in the country is possibly in the 20s which clearly indicates that this species on its way to extinction in the country.

As samba deer sightings became very less in the recent years, many people believed that the species has already faced extinction. The main reason behind the extinction of sambar deer is poaching, while habitats destruction also plays a crucial role in the death of these animals.

Now that Abdulla has posted these new photos of sambar deer, it clearly indicates that a few number of deer still inhabit the Lion City.

Sambar Deer: All you need to know

Widely considered as the largest deer in South Asia, male sambar deer grow up to two feet height, and a matured deer weighs more than 60 kilograms. These animals are usually found in small herds comprising of three or four members.

Even though the species is facing extinction in Singapore, samba deer can be found in forests of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.